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Take charge of your investing and earn higher returns systematically.

World's First

Investor Challenges

Good Tech
vs. Bad Tech

Investment platforms are designed for quick decisions. Bad tech encourages bad decisions. Good tech helps you make better decisions.

Who should I
listen to?

With so much media, publicly available data and "influencers" out there, what should guide investment decisions?

Sense of lack
of control

Most investors feel that the market pushes them around and feel out of control about their investment performance.

What's an
"investment thesis"?

Each investment decision requires material evidence, learn to hone your investment thesis and keep track of it.

You + AI = Limitless

Level up your investing performance by leveraging the power of your own data with our AI-powered investment process. Follow a repeatable, informed, and data-rich investment process to learn quickly along with your own AI boosted insights.

Gain confidence as an investor and reap higher returns

Losses are painful, but what's worse is knowing that losses were avoidable. SmartTrade is an intelligent investing process that will bring out your best decisions and reduce mistakes along with a robust journaling function.

Intuitive investing process with quantitatively better results

Many investments are emotionally driven, leading to losses. Instead, set up each investment decision properly, document assumptions, and learn where you excel.

Neuroscience-based methodology for better investing

Thousands of research papers show a speed-accuracy tradeoff. SmartTrade harnesses deliberate System 2 cognitive processing to bring out your best investment decisions every time.

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