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Created by Dr. Amos Nadler

Former Professor of Finance at Ivey Business School ·
PhD in Behavioral Finance and Neuroeconomics ·
Award-winning scientist · Public speaker · 3x Founder

His research features in:

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Rely on science, not your gut

Use behavioral science to reveal your investing biases to ensure they never cost you returns. Reduce blind risk and improve client trust.

Increase investment returns with actionable insights

What’s worse than making a huge investing mistake? Not learning from it.

Use our data-driven process to analyze investment performance and improve systematically.

Get a competitive advantage over other investment firms

This technology is about to disrupt the investing world.

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Our core products


A real-time investment process based on behavioural science that reduces repeating investing mistakes.

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Investor Optimization

Analyzes your portfolio to diagnose costly investing biases. Calculates how much money they’ve cost you and provides actionable insights to improve.

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Financial Advisor Evaluation

Objectively evaluates the economic value generated by your financial advisor so you can make informed decisions about who manages your wealth.

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Stop letting investing biases cost you money