Prof of Wall Street

Created by Dr. Amos Nadler

Former Professor of Finance at Ivey Business School • PhD in Behavioral Finance and Neuroeconomics • Award-winning scientist • Public speaker • 3x founder

I made some painful investing mistakes in the past. But instead of avoiding them, I studied each one to identify the core behavioral factor at play.

I encoded this knowledge into a system to ensure others don’t make the same investing mistakes.

That’s how I created Prof of Wall Street.

It analyzes your investing biases, stops you from repeating mistakes, and makes you more money.

This technology is one-of-a-kind, and about to disrupt the investing world.

Try it out for yourself, for free.

Interested in hearing my thoughts on factors that affect your active portfolio performance and the current financial markets?

Find me on social media (see links at the bottom of the page) and tune into the radio show on HiFi Radio with “The Wolf on Bay Street” on which I’m a regular guest. 

I also do regular in-person and virtual speaking engagements at companies, conferences, and private events covering a variety of topics.

For speaking inquiries, please get in touch here.

Invest wisely,

– Amos

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