Prof of Wall Street

Identify your biases and stop losing money from investing mistakes.

Our Investor Optimization Report can help you earn higher returns — we uncover 34% upside on average.

Investor Challenges

Why do I feel
like selling?

Investors often feel compelled to sell a position—from seeing a gain and from sustaining losses—so what's the "right" thing to do?

How do I measure

Should portfolio performance be judged relative to “the market” or should investors compare it to their optimized performance?

Don't know how
to respond

Investors of every experience level are sometimes unsure how to respond to market events. Insights can show you how to make more profitable choices across regimes.

How to "beat the market"?

Investors think in terms of relative performance yet most can't beat passive benchmarks. But the real challenge is to learn to how to master yourself.

Learn, optimize, and earn

Our reports use expert analysis and generative AI to analyze your trades and provide unique insights that will help you excel as an investor. Get clear insights into areas where you can increase your gains as an investor by better managing your portfolio.

Investors lose much more than they realize.

Your trading data tells the true story. Prof of Wall Street technology shows you the true costs of investing biases so you can capture higher returns and accelerate hitting benchmarks for yourself or your clients.

The Power of Your Customized Report

Highlights specific costly behaviors and provides actionable profitable insights. Analytics clarify what drives your gains and losses and identifies hidden factors with upside potential.

Your historical trades contain the keys to higher performance—unlock it.

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