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with our cutting-edge
Behavioral-AI Technology

Integrate Behavioral Fintech
to Gain Market Share

Unlock Revenue

Go beyond status quo and harness data- and AI-driven value to generate new growth paths.

Increase Client
Trust & Rapport

Leverage customer data and insights to maximize customer experience to reduce churn with loyalty-building value adds.

Lead Your

Client expectations are accelerating, harness behavioral fintech in your platform to lead your segment.


Embedding intelligent fintech enables your platform to provide seamless experiences.

Embedded Behavioral Fintech: Leading the Way

Distilling foundational knowledge from cognitive psychology and behavioral science. Prof of Wall Street products integrate simply into to your infrastructure to provide instant and ongoing value that works in your ecosystem.

Differentiate from other platforms

Financial institutions struggle to innovate and deploy internally or effectively adopt external innovations. Sieze this opportunity to break away from commodified financial products and offer truly innovative client experiences.

Applied Behavioral and Neuroeconomics

Prof of Wall Street's research- and evidence-based approach extracts the best and most applicable insights from Nobel-Prize-winning research in economics, finance, neuroscience, and psychology and deploys it as powerful auxiliary products.

True Tech-Native

Robustness &

Prof of Wall Street has presented engaging keynotes at international conferences around the world to large audiences and changed the trajectory of economics research.

Highly Secure

Give your users and management team data analytics and actionable insights while your developers preserve your platform's security, infrastructure, and speed.

Deep Analytics

Prof of Wall Street APIs allow your customers and management to immediately benefit from deep individual and aggregate behavioral analytics and insights without infrastructure changes.


Elevate your user experience and management ability to leverage your own platform with just-in-time AI analytics and refined statistical insights.

All investment platforms supported