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Wealth Client Questions

Am I financially ahead?

Most client portfolios meaningfully lag passive benchmarks, costing you heavily and delaying reaching your financial goals.

What's inside my portfolio?

Financial advisors regularly improperly customize client portfolios, meaning that you likely have the wrong assets invested in on your behalf.

What fees am I paying?

Fees are not transparent, difficult to quantify and are typically much higher than clients think they are.

Does my advisor display "fiduciary" duty?

Not all financial advisors have fiduciary duty to their clients, so they can sell you financial products that are not in your best interest.

Most investment advisor clients don't know how much they're paying or their account performance.

An Advisor Evaluation Report will give you the facts about your wealth management.

Get peace of mind by knowing the facts about your wealth.

You could be unaware of the fees you are being charged or what your portfolio performance is. An advisor evaluation will show you what you need to know to make informed decisions about managed wealth.

Advisors are human and have biases that hurt your wealth

Behavioral economics shows that even seasoned professionals display performance-reducing investment biases. Our analytics can surface these biases and estimate the impact on your particular portfolio.

We will run an advisor background check to ensure historical compliance.

Investment Advisors & Fund Managers
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